Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting motivated ...

I have been so busy with work and family that I have not been able to force myself to work on some editing. I have not even picked up the camera in a while. This past weekend I shot a few and have just now edited some of them. The first couple were taken at the New Meadows river where we stopped so the kids could collect some shells. As I shot the Quahog boat in the first shot I could hear and see something was chasing bait fish all over the little cove. After about 10 tries I got a shot ... not great but you can see fish in the air. The second shots were taken on the way to and at The Giants Stairs where we climbed around and I have many shots but I am having a hard time editing them. Here is what I have so far ...

A quahog boat ... if you look close there is one in use in the distance

Here are the bait fish that were taken just to the left of the scene above

This boat and crew were very photogenic I am glad I did not miss the opportunity

If I can figure out what I am doing wrong with the rest I will post more. Maybe I should take a class LOL

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