Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene 2011

Here in Maine Irene was a pretty good storm but I have seen more powerful Nor’easters. I had a tough time getting my mojo going so the images are … well… Let’s just say they are not the best shots I have ever taken. Oh well the adrenalin was pumping and it was good to be “out in it” The shots were taken with my D5000 and 70-300mm VR lens with the exception of the hurricane flag that was taken with my Fujifilm XP10. The really terrible movie (my fault) was also taken with the XP10. I promise to take a tripod next time … duh. These images have been greatly reduced in size … sorry

I had to start it out with this one (ok I did not have to I wanted to)

Here are two shots of roughly the same spot ... now you see em'

Another wave shot

Checking the knots

And last but not least the movie. It  It is not great but if you view full screen you will get an idea of what it was like. This was taken at the beautiful Driftwood Inn, Bailey Island Maine

I could not click full screen on my browser ?? Here is the link to the clip on
You can watch it full screen there

Here is a late edit. A surprise from the XP10. This was taken on the way back

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