Friday, August 19, 2011

I got painted!!

I am very happy that my friend Joan Atwood picked not one but two if my images to use for her paintings. I loved her interpretations of my images. Her use of bold colors on the “Maine Coast” painting made for a great moody feeling that popped right off the canvas. The bright color of the “Buoys” painting really brought me back to the day I took that shot … did I say how happy I was she chose my shots? :-D

Thank you Joan

PS I tried taking shots of both images but I did not have the proper lens to do it and my images don’t do her paintings justice so until/if I get better shots I will hold off posting them.

This was my invitation

 And here is the artist Joan Atwood and her work

I really wish I could show better shots of her work. I have to tell you it is really hard to shoot a painting ... try one for grins sometime! :-D

Thanks again Joan

The “Maine Coast” painting was based on “Daybreak” from the “Vista” challenge at
Link to “Daybreak”

The “Buoys” painting was base on a shot I took while on a ferry ride to Vinalhaven Me.
Link to the buoy shot

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