Friday, August 12, 2011

Zappa plays Zappa

I had front row center seats for a recent Zappa plays Zappa concert at the the State Theater in Portland Maine thanks to my wonderful wife who was first in line for tickets in person and beat out the online folks! Dweezil was simply awesome as was his band. His father must be smiling down on him and proud of what he is doing. I was not allowed to take a DSLR but I was allowed a little pocket camera (Nikon S70) that to my horror even though I was only a few feet away required ISO 6400 to get any shots at all. I was complaining about the lousy image quality in the FTF forum at and Boo suggested I edit them to get more milage out of them even with the lousy IQ... thanks Boo

I have more if you folks want to see them

... and if you get a chance to go see Dweezil, just do it, you will be blown away

Black and white

Some noise and a little color added

Noise and color added to the black and white conversion of this one

and one in color for you

 And you will never believe what I saw On the way to the concert ... yes you will because here it is!

I paid 2 bucks for this video :-D

Guitar playing bicycle riding street performer

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