Monday, September 12, 2011

One from the weekend and the harvest moon

This one is from another trip out to the ocean so the kids could swim. There are few days left that it will be warm enough to do it. I have more that I am going to post from the trip but I spent a couple minutes on this dragonfly already because it was really colorful. I wish I had my extension tubes with me for better detail ... but the color is cool.

This is a sot of the full moon. Normally I don't shoot the full moon because you don't get the dramatic crater action but I wanted to try some camera settings so I shot it anyway. This one came out best


It was pointed out to me that the moon shot above is "soft" or blurry. After looking again I re-processed the next two images. The first is with no detail added and the second has a boost in detail. I thought about taking the originally posted image above and just replacing it with one from below but I thought it would be good to show them all. I also "squeezed" lighting levels a bit more for more contrast... to be fair I should reprocess the originally posted noise filtered image again and see how it looks with a more heavy handed lighting levels adjustment... maybe

detail added

Better right? ... now I will have to do another one #$&%*!

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